March 22-26

Another fun filled week!  This week started off with the Alan Dick Memorial Walk.  It was a very successful event, having the whole school community assemble for a touching tribute to Mr. Dick, and raising funds for the Alan Dick Memorial Fund.  Thank you to all of you that came and supported this event.

In class, we have continued to explore fractions by adding, subtracting and multiplying them.  We have been conducting personal history inquiries, and have learned a lot about each other by creating and presenting our personal timelines.  We have started looking at historical events, and will be starting our personal inquiries.  We will also be working on developing central ideas and lines of inquiry related to our personal inquiries to help guide our inquiries.  Students will be trying to find the best sources available to help them understand their personal inquiries.  For literacy, we have started looking at historical fiction, and the students are beginning to research a setting for their own historical fiction narratives.  We have also continued to practice our reading fluency using Reader’s Theatre scripts.

Reminders for Next Week:

Thursday April 1st is a half day, and students will be dismissed at 11am.

Spring into Reading ends this week, and all reading logs/sponsor forms and cheques are due to be handed in.

We will be having an author visit (Jane Kurtz) on Monday, and selected students from Grade 5 will be participating in a writer’s workshop with Jane Kurtz on Tuesday

Week March 15-19

Another great week in 5D!  This week we continued to explore our unit of inquiry, by looking at artifacts that people of the past have left behind, and realizing that our perspectives differ when trying to decipher what the artifacts were used for.  We also learned how artifacts help us learn about the people that used them.  We also started working on our own personal timelines, trying to artifacts from our past help others learn more about us.  Parents are encouraged to have discussions with their child about their child’s past, and share stories about their own personal (family) histories.  In math, we have continued to compare fractions, and have begun to explore adding fractions.  For literacy, we have continued to work on reader’s theatre, and are now working on a play that takes place in ancient Egypt.

This week, all the Grade 5’s have uploaded their PSA’s onto youtube.  We have also added our PSA’s to our blogs.  The students have all done a really good job, so take some time to check them out, and leave some comments 🙂  here is the link to our youtube account. Grade 5 PSA’s on youtube

Reminders for Next Week:

Monday is the Alan Dick Memorial Walk.  Please see the post below for more information.  We hope to see you all there!

Next week, there will be a Book Fair in the lobby of the LLAC.  Students and parents are welcome to visit the Book Fair before class, at recess and after school.  Our class is scheduled to go to the Fair on Tuesday and Friday.  Students will also be going during their Chinese classes.

Thursday March 25 is Pajama Day.  Students are encouraged to dress up in their pajamas and the school lunch will feature pancakes 🙂

Alan Dick Memorial Walk

Here is some important information regarding the Alan Dick Memorial Walk

To All Parents;

A reminder Monday, March 22nd is the Alan Dick Memorial Walk.

It is an exciting day for CDNIS and we hope you will be part of it.

A few important reminders

1. Your children need to wear their PE uniforms with proper running shoes. The more comfortable the better

2. Remember to have your children wear hats and sun screen

3. Dress for the weather

4. Lunch will be served to all children free of charge.  It will consist of a hot dog, Alan Dick Cookie (chocolate chip), a banana and a drink.  If your child cannot eat the lunch provided please send in a packed lunch for them.

5. All parents should meet their children at the Aberdeen Sports Ground.  As space is limited no parents will be permitted to ride on the school bus

Please note Pre Reception to G. 3 will be riding buses from CDNIS to Aberdeen Sports Ground.

Thanks and we hope to see you all at Aberdeen next Monday.

March 8-12

What a week!  The students survived a fun-filled early release day that kicked off Spring into Reading, a chilly Sports Day, a book swap and dress up as your favourite book character!  A special thanks to the parents who came out and cheered on our students, and also kept them warm (the hot chocolate was a great idea!!).  The students, although very wet and  cold, ended up having a fun day at the sports complex.  In class, we have continued to explore fractions, looking at equivalent fractions, improper fractions, mixed numbers, and comparing fractions through our math centers.  We have wrapped up our unit of inquiry on Sharing the Planet, by watching the PSA’s the students have created.  Hopefully, we will have them posted on their blogs really soon, so that they can be viewed by others.  I was very proud of the products the students were able to create.

We have just started our next unit of inquiry, which is Where we are in Space and Time.  Our central Idea is “People and places have histories that can be uncovered and interpreted through a variety of sources”.  click here for a copy of the parent letter.  A hard copy will be sent home on Monday, after the students have had a chance to discuss the contents of the letter as a class.  Please refer to the parent letter to start having discussions related to our unit, and further both yours and your child’s understanding of the big ideas that will be explored throughout the unit.  The students have ended the week by creating presentations with their reading buddies, where they supported their buddies reading fluency, voice, and expression.  It was so nice to see the students sharing their knowledge of imovie with their buddies.

Reminders for Next Week:

Spring into Reading continues, as we have D.E.A.R. (drop everything and read) sessions scheduled school wide for each day next week.  Students are encouraged to continue filling in their reading logs, and parents as well 🙂

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!  I hope you all have had a wonderful break with your families during the Chinese New Year Holiday!   This week in 5D has been very busy and productive.  The students worked really hard finishing of their PSA’s for our unit on Sharing the Planet.  I am very proud of all time and hard work the students have put into creating their PSA’s, and I am impressed with the quality of the finished productions.  We have begun to share our finished products, and will be working on adding them to our student blogs so you can enjoy them too!

Some Reminders for Next Week:

Next Monday is a half day, so the students will be dismissed at 11am.  Due to early dismissal, there will be NO after school ECA’s on Monday, March 8th.  Harry Wright Swim courses will run as scheduled as they are not part of our CDNIS ECA course.

Tuesday is the Grade 5/6 Sports Day at Stanley Ho Sports Complex in Sandy Bay.  Please click here for more information regarding our Sports Day.

Spring into Reading starts on Monday.  Our annual read-a-thon begins on Monday, be sure to get involved and READ!

On April 22, the whole school will be participating in the Alan Dick Memorial Walk
In memory of Alan Dick, we are launching the inaugural Alan Dick Memorial Walk. Our goal is for each person to walk an average of 10 laps of the track. If we do this, we will cover the same distance as walking across Canada from St. John’s to Victoria (over 8,000km!!!). Parents are invited to take part in this whole school event as we remember Alan Dick. More information is available on the last page of this week’s Flash.  Mark your calendars today!