To celebrate our amazing and wonderful year in Grade 5 we are planning to have a  BEACH DAY on Monday, June 14th 2010. Activities will include swimming, eating, beach games, and social time for students, teachers & parents!

Thanks to all the support and help from parents, it looks like this year’s end-of-the-year BEACH PARTY is going to be a success!

Since Monday is a school day, we will meet at school as normal to make sure that everyone is prepared for the day. The students can wear beach clothes to school (no uniforms). We will leave school together at 9:00am (all grade 5 classes) and walk down the Nam Long Shan Rd. hill, across the Ocean Park parking lot, along the Shore Rd. to the boardwalk to Deep Water Bay Beach. After our awesome fun day at the beach, we will pack up and walk back to school at 1:30pm. Students will take buses home or attend ECAs as they normally would.

Students will need:
– day pack
– water bottle
– walking shoes
– towel & bathing suit
– sunscreen
– hat

Parents are encouraged to come along of you are available and asked to please help us by bringing food/drinks/supplies. The grade 5 teachers have established a Google Document that allows you to enter the items you can contribute (either in person or by sending them in with your child on that day) as well as signing up to attend as a participant. If you would like to come we ask that you meet us at the beach at 10:00am. If you have any questions at all, please email me.

5D during the week May 31-June 4

Another end to a busy week.  This week in 5D, we have continued to explore the complex systems of the body, as well as looking at the different changes that happen to us during puberty.  Students have also started to explore different strategies that can help prepare them with the knowledge and understanding needed to complete our Final Exam next Wednesday June 9th.  We have looked at summarizing text and information from videos and websites, using skimming and scanning and using jot notes.  We have also drawn diagrams to help describe the different systems of the body, created study sheets, full of information that would help us articulate our knowledge and understanding, and taken quizzes with formats similar to the final exam, to help us understand how to answer the different type of questions.  In numeracy, we have started to explore polygons and different types of angles, using protractors.

This week, we were in awe to witness our first inaugural PYP exhibition at CDNIS.  We saw the passion and determination of the Grade 6 students as they showcased the various issues they had explored through their personal inquiries.  It was extremely useful for us to see the various exhibits, as the students will be working on their own personal inquiries during their exhibition next year.  Our week ended by attending two very moving and important presentations about human impact on the oceans and creatures that live in these waters.  We listened to a talk by an organization called Project Kaisei, and were the first Hong Kong audience to watch the award winning documentary “Sharkwater”.  The producer and main character of the film was present to present the film and answer questions.  It was a very shocking and eye-opening film showing the effects of human impact on marine life, especially sharks.  I urge you to watch the film when it comes out later on this year in Hong Kong.  For more information on the issues presented to students today can be found at and

Week of May 24-28

Another full week!  This week in 5D, we continued to explore the systems of the human body through the concepts of function and change.  Students have been bringing in books and information to share with the class, and very interesting discussions have been taking place.  If you have not had a chance to read through the parent letter on our current unit of inquiry “Who We Are”,click here for the  link to Who We Are parent letter.  This unit presents you with a fantastic opportunity to talk to your child about the physical, emotional and social changes that happen during puberty, and as they grow up.  Towards the end of this week, we started to explore the changes that occur during puberty.  We will continue discussions and activities related to puberty next week.  In addition, we have been exploring different study skills useful for preparing for the end of the year assessment.  The Grade 5’s will be having their final exam on June 9th, 2010.

Important dates for next week:

On Monday, we will be attending the first annual LSSC candidate Assembly, where the candidates will be giving speeches in culmination of their run for Student Council.  We wish them all the best!

A reminder, that all library books are due.  Library periods will end this week, and books are no longer available for borrowing.

This week, the Grade 5’s will attend the Grade 6 Exhibition Opening on June 1, and view the exhibits in the LLAC on June 2.

Weeks April 26-May 7

We’ve been really busy in 5D these past two weeks.  Last week, as you have all witnessed, the students did an amazing job during their SLLR’s.  Like all of you, I was very proud to hear the students confidently showing their learning through the different stations in the classroom, the hallways, and the small gym on the 3rd floor.  I hope you all enjoyed the day and found it very helpful in understanding some of your child’s strengths, areas of interest, and areas where they may require additional support.

Last week, we also had the opportunity to attend a performance of Oliver Twist performed by Faust.  The students experienced a play acted out by only 4 actors who took on different characters by using props, costumes and altering their voices.  Students worked on restoring the artifacts they found during dig day, and interpreting what the artifacts were and making predictions.  This week, we then had a Grade 5 gallery walk, where students gave background information on the artifacts they had created to the students who uncovered them.  The students also gained information about the artifacts they had uncovered during dig day.  We examined the process of interpretation, and saw how close some of us were to our predictions.  We also started exploring different types of mosaics, and learned about the use of them in history.  In literacy, students have completed their historical narratives, and have been working on transforming their narratives into digital stories.  They will be publishing their finished digital stories on their blogs.

We have had a very busy and fun-filled week of the arts.  Students participated in many events such as watching the Pure Orchestal Centre’s flute quartet performance, The Art of Cooking and Teacher Cook off, a workshop with film maker Andrew Loo, teacher/student Showcase, Theatre of Silence and a drumjam workshop.  Truly a fun week immersed in art in many forms!

Next week, we will be busy preparing for our “Amazing Race” camp trip to Cheung Chau Island. A reminder that ALL students are to bring a packed lunch for the first day. Please refer to the information package and packing list for additional information in assisting your child get ready for camp.  We’re really excited and looking forward to a very active and fun 3 days!

Here is the .Student Epectations for our camp trip on Cheung Chau Island

and the camp_itinerary

A reminder for arrival times on Friday May 14th:

-Central Ferry Pier 3:20

-Admiralty 3:30

-back at CDNIS 3:45

Week of April 19-23

Another fun filled week in 5D!   This week, students have brought home outlines for the expectations for their narratives, and we have continued to work on our historical fiction narratives.  Lots of planning, revising and positive feedback has taken place, and the narratives are starting to take shape.  We will continue with the narratives next week, and begin to transform the narratives into digital stories.  In our unit of inquiry on Where we are in place and time, we have also started our personal inquiries, and students have worked really hard at developing their own central ideas tied to our grade central idea.  Next week, we will work on gathering research to help answer some guiding questions related to our central ideas, and work on creating a presentation to share all of our hard work with the class.  In math, we have solidified our knowledge of fractions, and used it to relate to decimals.  We have also been really busy creating artifacts for our Grade 5 Dig Day.

Today, we went to the beach, and were archeologists excavating artifacts and bringing them back to examine.  It was an awesome day!    Students worked really well with their groups, and excavated the artifacts that the whole grade created.  Next week, we will be restoring and interpreting the artifacts we have found and making predictions to the use, age and origin.  We will then conduct a gallery walk with all of the grade 5’s, and discover the actual information regarding our artifacts.

Reminders for Next Week:

Friday April 30th- Student Led Learning Reviews

  • It is not a regular school day.  Students will come to school during their assigned time.
  • Students have planned the process with their teachers and on the day of the student led learning review, the students will guide their parents through a journey of their learning and development.
  • Teachers are involved in the preparation and planning, though not in the actual SLLR.  Specialist subject areas will be integrated into the SLLR.
  • Siblings will not be permitted to join the SLLRs.  There will be responsible student leaders at a set location to mind small children while they participate in the SLLRs.  Parents should consider leaving very young siblings at home.

Next Monday, the Grades 5-6’s have been invited to watch Faust Theatre in Education’s production of Oliver Twist.  It will take place in the LLAC between 9:45-10:45.  Parents are welcome to attend this performance. Below is a brief synopsis of the show.


Faust’s TIE version of Oliver Twist incorporates narration, dialogue, music, movement and audience participation to create the exciting world of nineteenth century London, in a production that inspires students .

After Oliver asks the nasty Mr Bumble for ‘more’, he has to flee the horrible workhouse and try to fend for himself. Soon he meets the Artful Dodger and then Fagin and his gang. When things go wrong Oliver narrowly misses arrest and finds himself in the care of Mr Brownlow – but not for long if Fagin and mean Bill Sikes have their way.

Be captivated by the wonderful story of a young orphan boy who seeks his fortune on the streets of London in this charming production of Charles Dickens’ classic novel.


  • The Lower School Festival of the Arts from Monday, May 3rd to Friday, May 7th is a week-long celebration of the arts in its various forms.  The purpose is to create an environment infused with art for students to enjoy and extend their learning about the arts.  Parents, other schools and the community are invited to be a part of our celebration.  Please visit the school website for details and schedules for this special week.

Social Networking-Strategies for Parents and CDNIS

Strategies for parents and CDNIS expectations

Why is online bullying becoming so prevalent and how is it different from traditional schoolyard bullying? What strategies can parents use to monitor behaviour and protect their children? What are CDNIS’s expectations of student behaviour? CDNIS and CISPA highly recommend parents with children 13 years and younger to attend one of these sessions. RSVP to <> Priya Bharwani.

Monday, 19 April, 8:30-10 am (venue to be confirmed)

Tuesday, 20 April, 6:30-8 pm (10/F Library)

News from Nurse Karla

Nurse-KarlaImmunization forms for students in Grade 1 and 5 were sent home earlier this week. The permission form along with your child’s original immunization record should have been handed into their teacher by today (April 16). Immunizations take place Monday, April 26. Contact Nurse Karla at 2240 6329 if you have any questions or can help out April 26.

Just a reminder to please email me if your child is absent from school for two days or longer, regardless of illness or family holiday. Please contact me at